take off the damned socks

take off the damned socks

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I’m ready to be critiqued



I am hereby submitting a dick pic (of sorts). Eager to read your response! I feel cautiously confident.

you really need to back up a cocky (…..) approach like this with the goods, and fortunately you have, by and large.

the way your dick is hanging out inside your boxers is frankly pretty great, and i like the fact that you’re basically fully clothed, yet there’s nothing at all G-rated about your picture.  the use of shadow is excellent and the background is uncluttered, but i feel like your pose could pack a bit more punch.

thank you for submitting to critique my dick pic. your dick pic gets a B+.




Please don’t ever try to learn how to rub a clit from porn.

I repeat, please don’t EVER try to learn how to rub a clit from porn.

porn clit rubbing looks like they’re trying to scrub burnt food off a frying pan

Don’t learn anything from porn.

It’s all overexaggerated for show. Real sex does not work like that.


oups!  forgot this one!